Monday, December 5, 2016

Art Stories as Advocacy

Did you know that NAEA is posting a new "Art Story" every Monday?  These videos "feature NAEA members sharing their stories of how visual art has impacted their lives, continues to shape their futures, and enables them to change lives of others in the process".  That means these videos are excellent advocacy tools!

Click here to see this week's Art Story, by Sharon Ciccone, the president-elect of NYSATA, the state organization here in NY.

Or you can click here to see the Tell Your Art Story archive.  Check these videos out; you won't be disappointed!!

Youth Art Month - flag contest and more!

March is Youth Art Month, but you can start planning ahead now.  As a matter of fact, entries for the Youth Art Month Flag Contest here in NY state are due December 16th!!  Here's a link to the NYSATA website YAM page, which in turn contains links to all the forms and also all the info you could possibly need.  But you have to work fast to enter!  The deadline is less than 2 weeks away!!

Below is the Sargent Art YAM promotional poster.  Thank you, Sargent Art, for your support of YAM and what it stands for!

Here's a link to a YAM (Youth Art Month) PowerPoint
that was shared at the recent NYSATA convention in November.  The PowerPoint contains lots of great ideas for promoting YAM in your school, and lots of info about the flag contest, too, as well as the Legislative Show, and much much more.  BUT, I want to note that there is an incorrect link in the PowerPoint.  So again, the correct link to get to the NYSATA Youth Art Month page on the NYSATA website is  There's so much there for you!!