Sunday, October 9, 2016

Some terrific advocacy videos for you!

I've been a negligent blogger, due to some minor personal distractions, but I'm back.  Pop some popcorn, pour yourself a glass of wine, and find a comfy place on your couch, because today, I am sharing a selection of links to some super Art Advocacy Videos for you to check out!

National Geographic Channel - "The Importance of Art Education"
Musician David Byrne and Neil discuss the vital importance of arts education

Art Speaks Advocacy

Why Art Matters

The Art of Creativity

Creativity the Key to Innovation

The Importance of Art Education

Why Art Education is Important

The Colors of an Art Room

The Right Brain Initiative

RSA Animate of Sir Ken Robinson TEDTalk - Changing Education Paradigms

Thank you to fellow NYSATA Board member and Advocacy Committee member Jody Wilmarth for providing this terrific selection of video links! 

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