Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Another Week, and More Easy Advocacy Ideas!

This is a short week, and I'm a little late posting this, put still, here's some more great ideas ("Fab 4" for this week!), courtesy of frequent blog contributor Donnalyn Schuster, to move you closer to Youth Art Month! 
Create a virtual gallery for you school website.
Love the work of George Rodrigue and his "Blue Dog"?  
Take a virtual trip to New Orleans via Google and step foot in his gallery on Royal Street.  Here's a link: https://georgerodrigue.com/  For elementary students, read Why is Blue Dog Blue? and create some mini Blue Dogs for the local humane society.  Here's a video link on YouTube: Why is Blue Dog Blue?
Create a Photo Story of a collection of work by an artist.
Include some biographical material, title slides, and music. Display on your school web page.
Cannot get to a museum? 
Build a "Gallery Walk" - 5 famous works of art and gallery tags.  Challenge students to visit the gallery, observe quietly, and write a "Twitter" style short critique/statement on Post-it notes as they choose their favorite work.  Post the notes and use different color Post-its for classes or grades.  Do a informal poll to see what the top artwork is and announce to the school (this works best at the elementary level).  It's a great way to teach gallery manners, too!   Added benefit - have the staff and teachers choose their favorites to write about as well! 

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