Monday, February 12, 2018

Art Advocacy Fab Five plus a BONUS!

Here's this week's Fab Five Art Advocacy ideas, plus a bonus, all courtesy of our regular contributor, Donnalyn Schuster.  Thank you, Donnalyn, for the SIX wonderful ideas this week!

Plan a statewide postcard exchange with another school, or create artist trading cards to swap.  Consider, too, a postcard campaign - to state legislators - about the value of art education, and combine that with a lesson on the First Amendment.
Have students design placemats and table tents that can be used by local restaurants.  Challenge older students in Graphic Design to choose an area establishment in need of a 'makeover' and design new logo/menu/etc.  Invite the owners and any contacts you have in advertising, to choose the strongest design and discuss the importance of branding to create market awareness.
Start to hang student work of the week in the principal's office/main office area of your building and in the administrative offices (superintendent etc).  Add in the NEW Visual Arts Standards, your Essential Question and student reflection for a reminder of the importance of the art program to the school curriculum that cannot be ignored!
 Planning a YAM show?  Select an 'honorary chairperson' from local, well-known artists or 'local celebrities' who support the arts.  Give them an honorary certificate and invite them to your show opening.
Be sure your Media Advisories are out this week for any show in March - and that info is up on your school website and community calendars at your local TV and radio stations.

*BONUS Idea!
Approach local doctors' offices and medical facilities to hang student art work in waiting grooms and public areas.  Many are more than happy to give you space and welcome student work as a point of conversation for staff and patients!

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