Monday, January 14, 2019

Art Advocacy Ideas for January 14-18

Here's this week's fabulous 'Fab Five' advocacy ideas!
Stage a Living Artist Night - Teams of students study a particular painting, research and recreate it as living models.  Match clothing, props, etc, as closely as possible to the original piece to be displayed.  Build a booth and frame, light the instillation, and invite the public in to view the installation. Set this up around an art history unit.  Or, pair up with a social studies class and create this around a particular period in history that the bulk of your students are studying. (ex: Early 20th Century, WW2, the Industrial Revolution, etc.  Start now!
Invite parents of art students, who own local businesses, to hang student artwork at their place of business.  Create a sign that says "XYZ Supports Youth Art Month!"  Promote on social media and local print media.
Have student design placemats and table tents that can be used by local restaurants.
Plan an Artist in Residence Program during March, invite in local community artists to demonstrate and/or talk to students.  Line them up now.
Participate in an Artist Trading Card Swap with another school in a different state.

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