Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Get Ready for March YAM Kickoff Week!

Youth Art Month is officially just a couple of days away!  
Here's some great ideas for you to use.
Make prints of student artwork, frame and present to local officials.  Walmart or Walgreens make cost efficient 5x7's or 8x10's.  Use this as a photo op for YAM during the first week in March.
Ask your BOE for an endorsement of Youth Art Month.
School-wide mural project with a theme of Collaboration/Unity.  Everyone creates a panel to add.  Or use the Post-it Challenge.  Plan colors of Post-it Notes to spell out school mascot or school's initials.
Hold a 10x10 (or 12x12) art challenge for students and staff using any media.  Install in school foyer.
In cold climates, have a YAM Snow Sculpture Challenge!  Bundle up and brave the cold to create a temporary sculptural piece.  Compete in teams or classes.  In warmer climates, go outside and create Andy Goldsworthy temporary installations. Photograph and enlarge to display indoors.

And don't forget...
Make Art Monday - every Monday in March - share what you are doing in your classroom/school/community for the visual arts.  Use the hashtag #MakeArtMonday and share on Facebook, at the YAM NYS page (or, if you're in another state, that state's YAM page), or on Twitter!

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