Sunday, January 29, 2017

Weekly Artful Advocacy 'Fabulous Five' - #2

2017 is one month old.  Here are this week's 'Fabulous Five' - five terrific ideas to liven up February, as we move closer to Youth Art Month.  Many high schools have a Senior Night/Spirit Week during this time, and some of the great ideas listed here could be used as a guaranteed way to energize the celebrations!  Or if there's no Spirit Week or Senior Night, use ideas #1 & #2 to enliven an otherwise ordinary week of school.
  • 1) Do a Stop Drop & Draw - everyone in the school - for 15 minutes.  Entire school (and staff) display their work! 
  • 2) So You Think You Can Draw Challenge - do this by grade level/class challenge/faculty and staff challenge.
  • 3) Invite local artists to YAM openings - make them honorary chairpersons.  (Line these folks up now!)
  • 4) If your community has an electronic billboard for community events, see if they can scan in a piece of student artwork to promote YAM as it approaches, or to promote one of the school-wide arts events listed here.
  •  5) Create a famous cutout of a work of art (the Mona Lisa, The Scream, or American Gothic perhaps).   Have photos taken of kids in the cutout for $1, and donate proceeds to a local charity.  Be sure the cutout has the YAM logo on it!  You can do this at school events.  Better yet, bring it out into the community!! (Here's a pic of me taken in one such Scream cutout at a school art show a couple of years ago.)

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