Sunday, February 5, 2017

Artists do so many things!

Last year, my friend Marcia Beckett, who blogs at Art is Basic, wrote a post about all the things that artists do.  In that post she offered free downloads of two posters that she created, that colorfully list 83 things that artists do.  WOW!

Marcia's idea is that we can advocate for our our programs by increasing awareness of just how many things that artists actually do!  Her list is impressive.  She has give me permission to share images of her posters with you here (above and below), but for your our own copies, follow this link to her post.  You will find free downloads of high resolution images of both of these posters.  Thank you Marcia, for creating such a terrific resource!

In addition, Marcia has created a big set of printable posters about what artists do, available in her TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) shop.  For a link to her TPT shop and this poster set, again hop over to her blog post here.  I think these posters could be very useful.

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