Friday, March 24, 2017

Become a Published Author in a National Magazine!

 Would you like to inspire fellow art teachers with your unique lessons, or classroom tips and tricks? You can write an article for a national magazine with a huge readership, and become a published author.  All you need is a great idea and a little bit of time to write!   Here are the steps you can take to create a wonderful article for an authentic audience:

First and Most Important: FIND a topic you LOVE and want to share with the world!
  • Brainstorm: Write things down, make a graph or chart.
  • Organize: Bring everything into one folder, such as any pictures you have taken so far, writing you've done, notes you've kept, etc.
  • Write a rough draft.
  • Have at least two different people look at the rough draft. 
  • Take clear and clean pictures.
  • Finish your rough draft.
  • Have permission slips filled out by parents.
  • When the article is written and you have all of your permission slips, you are ready to submit. 
Visit the two links below to find guidelines for submitting to both School Arts and Arts and Activities.

The article above was written by guest contributor Heather McCutcheon.  Thank you, Heather!
  • And here's an added bonus, when advocating for preservation and support of your art program.  When your article is published, make sure you send copies of the publication that contains your article to your administrator and school board.  They are sure to be impressed and proud that you are published in a prominent publication and representing your school district in such a positive way! 

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