Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Movies as Advocacy, for Youth Art Month and beyond!

It's Youth Art Month!  Showcase all of the great things you are doing for Youth Art Month in your classroom or district, while advocating for your program through a video.  It does not have to be a long video or take you three weeks to put together.  

Here are some tips to create a great movie in no time at all!
  • Take a lot of photos and some sort video clips.  
    • This can be on your phone, ipad, or video camera.  
  • Upload the photos and video clips to your computer.
  • Open your favorite movie-making program.  
    • My favorites are iMovie and Adobe Spark.
      • iMovie is on Apple products only, but can be used on any device.
      • Adobe Spark is a free internet-based program
    • Both programs are easy to use.
  • Once you have chosen a program, import the photographs and video clips.  
  • Drop them where you would like them.
  • You can add text and music if you'd like.  
  • Export and SHARE. 
    • Share your videos with us! @youthartmonthNY on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Ideas for your movie:
  • YAM in your school
  • How students feel about the Arts and why they are important.
  • Why is YAM important?
    • Ask students, teachers, and administrators.
  • YAM in the Community
  • Students working..  They are the reason for YAM!
  • Special projects and ideas in celebration of  YAM.
  • YAM in your community.  How the community or schools partner together to support YAM.

 Today's blog post is written by blog contributor Heather McCutcheon.   Heather has submitted articles for Artful Advocate blog posts before.  Thanks, Heather, for another great contribution!

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