Monday, June 19, 2017

Art Advocacy made Easy!

Sometimes it's easy for something really simple to seem oh-so-complicated.  As art educators, the concept of advocacy can seem formidable.  We already have so much to do just developing a good solid art program and putting it into action,  How are we supposed to find the time to be advocates, too?  Isn't there someone else to take care of this for us?  

Well - my friend Lee Darter, who blogs at Art Room Blog, has written a guest post at Amanda Koonlaba's blog, Party in the Art Room blog.   Lee's guest post is called Art Advocacy in Your Classroom, and is clear, concise, sensible, and informative.  This post is an absolute gem!  Reading what she had to say was, for me, one of those 'knock yourself on the forehead' - 'Duh!' moments.  Why have I been making something that is SO simple, SO obvious, seem SO complicated??  Trust me, when you read this, you'll agree!

If you'd like some sensible suggestions for advocacy that will not be an extra burden to your workload, I recommend you follow THIS LINK and hop on over to the Party in the Art Room and read Lee's post!  Meanwhile, here's a poster that Amanda developed based on the main points of Lee's essay. 
Thank you, Amanda and Lee, for allowing me to link to your blog and post!

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