Saturday, September 10, 2016

Arts in Education Week as a Perfect Advocacy Tool!

Just Around The Corner:
National Arts in Education Week is Sept 11-17th

Here you go – the perfect way to jump-start your art advocacy for this school year!

Follow this link to check out the resources at National Arts in Education Week at Americans for the Arts, and share your event. 

The timing is perfect if your school has scheduled their Open House during that week. Or you can use the week as an opportunity to invite in local dignitaries, school board members, etc. to see a lesson in action, and create a ‘teachable moment’ to demonstrate the importance of your program in the overall curriculum. Encourage direct participation in the lesson – from posing the Essential Questions, through the design and problem solving process, and to the self-reflection piece. 

Ask to be placed on your school faculty meeting agenda and do the same – offer a mini workshop for your colleagues – so that they can firsthand experience the skills used in your daily classes – and create new advocates on-site for your program. Or, approach your PTO for a similar program.

Share with others what you are doing, and include some photos as well.  You can share on district web pages, in school or NYSATA Region Facebook groups/pages, (or if you aren't from NY, share on your state's art ed organization's Facebook pages), and with press releases, which will be the topic of the very next post on the Artful Advocate in just a few days!  

ART is the HEART of the curriculum!

Thanks again to Donnalyn Schuster, for providing the timely article for today's blog post.   You can read about Donnalyn in a previous post that she wrote, HERE

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