Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tweeting as an Art Advocacy Tool

Why Tweet?

Twitter can be a great advocacy tool for you, your program and your school.

This past school year I started using my personal Twitter as my unofficial Art Program Twitter.  I found myself wanting to tell others about some of the great things going on in and outside of my classroom.

Why choose Twitter?  It is FAST, simple and you can add photos & videos.  This platform is an online social networking service.  Twitter lets users to send and read short 140-character messages called "tweets." Another added feature is that you can link articles, add hashtags and also link to other accounts.

The number of followers, likes and re-tweets does not matter to me.  This is what is important: I am getting student artwork, special projects, articles and advocacy for my program to the public.  This is not just the local community, this can be the world!

Here are some TIPS & TRICKS to Tweeting in the Art World:
  • Always add photos
  • Link to other people and articles
  • When starting an account decide if you would like it personal or as a department.
  • Use hashtags (a hashtag is word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign [#] and used to identify messages on a specific topic)
  • Follow other teachers or principals that are using Twitter.  Hopefully they will follow you and share some of your tweets!
  • Follow local media.  If they know you and that what you are doing is great, they will also re-tweet!
I am proud of my students and all of their hard work.  This is one simple way to share their amazing talents and advocate for my program.

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The article for today's blog post was written by Heather McCutcheon, 9-12 Art Teacher in Herkimer Central School in central NY state, where she also serves as Arts and Ed coordinator.  Heather is a fellow member of the NYSATA board of trustees, representing Region 3 as co-chair, and she is the new co-chair for Youth Art Month for NYS.  I'm glad she has offered to share this information about Twitter, since tweeting is something I've never done myself.  She has made it sound so easy!  Thanks, Heather!

* Thanks again, Heather, for making this sound so easy and useful! *  

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  1. GREAT!!! Make this tool quick and easy to use for us all.